Amsterdam among best cities for innovative and green mobility

A mobility innovation study by parking tech company EasyPark Group has revealed the cities around the world that are adopting the most advanced and cleanest transport infrastructure solutions.

Amsterdam placed third in a ranking of cities with a population of between 600,000 and 3 million people. Copenhagen, Denmark, and Dortmund, Germany, ranked first and second respectively.

The study, part of the group’s wider Cities of the Future Index, looked at the quality of parking innovation, traffic management and how green the transport is.

Parking innovation assessed factors such as parking technology operating in the city, while traffic management looked at factors such as commute times. Clean transport assessed the number of electric cars per capita, new electric car sales, electric car charging stations per capita and CO2 emission.

Johan Birgersson, CEO of EasyPark Group, said of the study: “The aim of the study is to show the cities that are leading the way in implementing sustainable, forward-thinking and useful solutions to everyday mobility challenges. By revealing the best places in the world for mobility innovation, we hope that other cities will look to the highest ranking cities and emulate their methods to make their cities even more liveable.”

Future electric vehicle capital

The Netherlands is ranked fifth in the world for electric vehicle readiness, with Amsterdam recognised as one of the future electric vehicle capitals thanks to the city’s goals for zero-emissions transport by 2025. In addition to rising electric vehicle ownership, buses, boats and bikes have gone electric. In fact, Amsterdam has the highest density of electric vehicle charging points in the world.

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