Supporting the development of human-centred AI

The AI, Media & Democracy Lab, located at Amsterdam Science Park, has been awarded a grant of €2.1 million to further investigate the impact of AI on the media and democracy.  The lab is a collaboration led by the UvA and involving the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and the National Research Institute for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI).

The grant was awarded by the Dutch Research Council’s (NWO) programme “Human-centred AI for an inclusive society – towards an ecosystem of trust”.

The lab is an Ethical Legal Societal (ELSA) laboratory where researchers work together with journalists, media professionals, designers, citizens, fellow researchers and public and societal partners, to develop and test human-centred AI applications, as well as ethical and legal frameworks for responsible use of AI. Partners include RTL, DPG Media, Waag Society and the BBC.

Professor Natali Helberger, university professor of Law and Digital Technology at the UvA and co-founder of the AI, Media & Democracy Lab, said: “This grant will enable us to explore, alongside our partners, how AI can play a role in the democratic and independent role of the media, the public sphere and for citizens seeking information.

“The AI, Media & Democracy Lab can contribute to independent innovation, but also help in forming a vision for the future of media in our digital society.”

Amsterdam’s commitment to responsible AI

Named one of the most AI-ready cities in the world, Amsterdam is considered to be an effective living lab for AI solutions. 

Ensuring innovations truly benefit society, programmes such as AI Technology for People, a public-private coalition of academic, medical and other organisations, help the city develop and deploy responsible AI. The initiative encourages companies to conduct research in Amsterdam and establish headquarters in the city while helping improve the quality of life for residents, or making medical breakthroughs related to AI.

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