UvA appoints fifth AI professor

Professor Claes de Vreese has been appointed professor of Artificial Intelligence and Society, becoming the fifth professor in the field of AI at the University of Amsterdam (UvA)

De Vreese will focus on the role automated decision-making plays in society, particularly in areas of politics, media and democracy, a university statement said.

Currently professor of political communication and founder of the Amsterdam-based Center for Politics and Communication, De Vreese will bring together experts from the Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences (FMG) and support and set up initiatives to strengthen research and education about AI and society.

Amsterdam’s commitment to responsible AI

The appointment comes as Amsterdam focuses more attention on developing responsible AI – that is technology that is verifiable, transparent and free from bias in decision-making, which ultimately helps build public trust in the technology.

De Vreese is one of the partners in the recently launched AI, Media & Democracy Lab, in which researchers from the UvA, AUAS and CWI collaborate with media partners, social partners and the municipality of Amsterdam to examine and design responsible applications for AI in media.

UvA is part of the wider AI Technology for People programme, a public-private initiative designed to help the city develop and deploy responsible AI technology in the areas of healthcare, business innovation and citizen support.

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