The Netherlands ranks fifth for electric vehicle readiness

Europe has overtaken China as the primary market for electric cars. That's the result of the rEV Index 2021, published by Economist Impact, with Norway, China, Germany, Sweden and the Netherlands in its top five. The readiness index shows Norway is currently taking the lead, with an ambitious target of achieving 100% zero-emission vehicle sales of new cars by 2025, and other nations are following suit.

Economist Impact assessed readiness for EVs by the charging infrastructure available to support the use of such vehicles. The Netherlands is leading in regards to the density of charging points; it boasts the highest number of public EV charge points in Europe, with nearly one charger available for every 2km of road. This is second in the world only to China.

Growing charging infrastructure and prioritising smart mobility

Generally, the decreasing price gap between fuel-powered vehicles and EVs and further development of the required charging infrastructure are encouraging steady growth in the number of fully electric vehicles on the road.

Amsterdam is at the forefront of the smart mobility ecosystem in the Netherlands. As well as being the founding home of electric vehicle companies such as Felyx, the city’s goals for zero-emissions transport by 2025 position Amsterdam as one of the future electric vehicle capitals. Initiatives to encourage electric vehicle ownership include owners of electric vehicles in Amsterdam given priority on the waiting list for a parking permit. Meanwhile big investments in bolstering the electric truck charging infrastructure across Europe are paving the way for a greener logistics industry.

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