Companies to benefit from shared energy system

The City Logistics Innovation Campus (CLIC) under construction on the Lijndenhof business park in the municipality of Haarlemmermeer, will use a smart energy swapping system. This allows companies to exchange surplus heat, cold and electricity.

The campus is a joint venture from real estate investors Somerset Capital Partners and German energy company Essent (part of EON). The concept is underway in Lund, Sweden, and other projects are planned for Poland, England, Germany, and Italy. At 120,000 square metres, the Amsterdam complex is the largest to date. It will also host the largest electric charging platform in the Netherlands that can power up to 30 million clean transport kilometres in the Amsterdam region each year.

The ‘sustainable gateway’ will not only serve as a goods distribution centre, but also an incubator for companies and startups to develop and test climate-friendly logistics solutions.

By pooling excess energy, companies using the facility will need half as much compared to individual usage. The campus will generate its own renewable energy from solar power, which will be used to power both the campus and its entire fleet of electric vans and trucks. This will also ease pressure on the local grid. 

Patrick Lammers, Europe commercial head at EON, told Dutch news site NOS he expects there to be “between 25 and 40 of these types of projects in the Netherlands alone in the coming years”, as cities begin to enforce emission-free zones and companies face increased demand for smaller deliveries, delivered more frequently and on time.

The CLIC building site is still in its initial stages.

Amsterdam’s sustainable logistics industry

Thanks to its strategic location, Amsterdam is at the heart of European logistics. And with that comes a commitment to innovation in energy efficiency and climate-friendly alternatives.

Recent projects have included a biofuel plant at Port of Amsterdam to produce renewable methanol, a smart logistics corridor aiming to help haulage vehicles reach Amsterdam Airport Schiphol more efficiently and sustainably, and an Amsterdam-based venture building a Europe-wide electric truck charging network.

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