AND Digital opens "club" office in Amsterdam

The London tech consultancy has launched a new concept in the Netherlands as the first step of its European expansion.

AND Digital calls the venture its “club” office, part of a decentralised network of clubs providing digital transformation strategies to global companies. Past projects include improving customer experience on British Airways’ mobile app and introducing a new recipe content flow for meal delivery firm Gousto.

AND Digital said the Amsterdam office will create around 50 new jobs initially.

Paramjit Uppal, CEO and founder, said: “AND Digital aims to hire the best minds and create collaborative environments with deep local insight via our club model, and Amsterdam provides the perfect blend of culture, technology, and skills for us to thrive.”

Uppal added that establishing a team of experts in Amsterdam to help global companies build tech products "faster and more efficiently" will also contribute to closing a digital skills gap across the continent.

“We’re delighted to start this next chapter in Amsterdam to help organisations accelerate their digital capabilities,” he added.

Amsterdam’s thriving tech hub

Home to the world-leading internet exchange AMS-IX, innovative global companies and a bustling startup scene, the Dutch capital is a magnet for tech talent.

The city has more than 2,200 tech companies that employ 77,000 people in total, accounting for a significant portion of jobs in Amsterdam. The city’s excellent quality of life, well-educated workforce, English language proficiency, and digitally savvy population help these firms thrive. 

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