Fashion for Good and Levi Strauss & Co. join forces

Fashion for Good, the sustainable fashion platform, has announced a new collaboration with Levi Strauss & Co. to address sustainability issues in its value chain, from product design to distribution.

Announcing the collaboration, LS&Co, home to iconic brand Levi’s, said it will tap into Fashion for Good’s expertise and network to reach its goals and help to scale solutions for the wider industry.

“Fashion for Good is unique in that it is backed by deep expertise in sustainability and circularity in the apparel and fashion industry,” said chief sustainability officer Jeffrey Hogue. “This will supplement the strengths of our Wellthread™ and technical innovation programmes and provide additional opportunities to scale breakthrough innovations across our product assortment and supply chain.

“In the near-term, we aspire to increase circular innovation in our products and create a more sustainable, less resource consumptive business. We see this collaboration as essential in helping us deliver on our long-term sustainability goals and our vision to have an outsized positive impact on the apparel industry and the planet.”

The collaboration will look into challenges posed by plastics, sorting technology for recycled clothing, fibre transparency and traceability, and the potential of shifting from wet to dry fabric finishing processes to reduce water and energy consumption. 

Amsterdam as a conscious fashion hub

Fashion for Good, the world’s first museum dedicated to sustainable style innovation, is one example of Amsterdam’s growing influence as a conscious fashion hub. The Dutch capital is home to more than 100 fashion houses, many of which reuse, recycle and upcycle existing materials.

The city also has the world’s highest concentration of denim brands, and Diesel – like Levi’s – has chosen Amsterdam as the location for its design studios. Native brands such as G-Star Raw are gaining fans worldwide, while various initiatives, such as Denim Days and Kingpins, are boosting Amsterdam’s reputation as a denim centre.

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