Meatless Farm opens production hub in Almere

British plant-based meat company Meatless Farm has opened a new production hub in Almere, in the Amsterdam Area, to meet increasing demand in Europe. 

The facility is combined with its ingredient manufacturing division, Lovingly Made Ingredients. 

It will allow the firm to scale up distribution to retailers and restaurants across the continent faster, while also boosting its plant-based range by accelerating product development, a statement from Meatless Farms said.

The company was founded in 2016 by Morten Toft Bech who wanted to encourage more people to cut their meat intake by producing plant-based alternatives that didn’t compromise on taste and texture.

Bech predicts the demand for vegetable proteins is expected to increase sevenfold by 2025. He said: “The amount of alternative proteins consumed worldwide last year was approximately equal to 2% of the animal protein market. Demand for plant-based meat substitutes is increasing and this move puts us in a strong position to meet that demand from our partners in Europe.”

Only recently, research by non-profit organisation ProVeg found the population of the Netherlands is the biggest consumer of meat substitutes in Europe.

Amsterdam’s sustainable food market

Amsterdam is a hub for sustainable innovation, circular economy programmes and companies with green credentials, in fields ranging from architecture, infrastructure and construction to sustainable fashion and smart mobility.

Restaurants and food retailers are increasingly aware of the impact of food waste and meat consumption on the planet, and customers are keen to cut their carbon footprint, too. On a local level, the Too Good To Go anti-food waste app lets restaurants sell leftover food, and InStock – one of the pioneers of low-waste dining in Amsterdam – saves 2,000 kilos of food from being tossed every week.

Amsterdam-founded companies are gaining international traction, too. Earlier this month, The Dutch Weed Burger, which uses seaweed and microalgae in making plant-based meat alternatives, was acquired by US firm LiveKindly Collective, helping its global expansion.

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