Anonymising surveillance images for faster processing

Amsterdam firm BrainCreators have launched a new artificial-intelligence-powered technology to help firms use surveillance more ethically. The Automated Recognition & Anonymisation (ARA) system makes it easier for organisations to comply with privacy regulations by allowing the automatic removal of any visual information that could be used to identify individuals from CCTV images. This also allows for faster processing of surveillance footage for increased safety in public spaces.

The new technology, which was announced by BrainCreators at the latest Consumer Electronics Show (CES), is able to continuously process images recorded by video surveillance cameras, recognising people in the footage and automatically anonymising their faces, posture, behavioural patterns and other identifying features.

Individuals detected by ARA are anonymised by a choice of masking devices, such as facial blur or full-body masking. This prevents any form of identification or profiling and is fully compliant with privacy regulations. And, because the video streams can be encrypted and anonymised directly at the device, the images can be safely used by both digital and human inspectors for any purpose whilst still complying with essential privacy regulations.

Schiphol signs up

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is the first customer to sign up for the ARA system. The airport will integrate the new technology with video surveillance cameras to anonymise their footage by removing sensitive visual data.

BrainCreators will then work with Schiphol to see else how digital inspection can be applied at the airport, including the fast and anonymous recognition of suspicious behaviour, and checking whether visitors are adhering to COVID-19 rules.

And it’s not just for humans. The technology can also be used for visual inspections of objects and surfaces, allowing maintenance work to be scheduled faster and more effectively. This will help Schiphol and its contractors to work more efficiently, saving costs and identify risks more efficiently. 

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