Amsterdam is one of the world’s safest cities

Amsterdam has been named one of the safest cities in the world, in the latest Safe Cities Index from The Economist Intelligence Unit.

The Dutch capital placed second in Europe and sixth globally. 

The index ranks 60 cities worldwide across five continents. It measures various aspects of urban safety, with 76 indicators organised into five pillars: personal, health, infrastructure, digital, and – new this year – environmental security. 

Copenhagen topped the index, followed by Toronto, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo. As well as Copenhagen, Amsterdam shared the top 10 with one other European city, Stockholm. Amsterdam placed second globally in terms of personal security. 

According to the report’s editor Naka Kondo, the index reflects how COVID-19 has changed the concept of urban safety. Highest priorities are assigned to digital security as more work and commerce moved online, personal security in response to lockdown-driven crime patterns, and the priority given to environmental security has risen markedly as the pandemic served as a warning of unexpected crises, she said.

Amsterdam tops world rankings

The introduction of environmental security' in this year's index also reflects the increased importance of sustainability issues and climate adaptation measures amid the pandemic. Earlier this month, Amsterdam topped the Schroders European Sustainable Cities ranking thanks to its comprehensive climate plans and carbon neutrality targets. 

Amsterdam and the Netherlands have frequently performed well in world rankings, from quality of life, to green finance and English proficiency, making the Dutch capital an all round attractive place to live, work and study. This week, the city held its top five position in the Tech Cities of the Future study, which highlights European markets with the most promising prospects for startups, technology and innovation investment. 

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