Universities at the forefront of responsible applied AI

The Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht Universities of Applied Sciences have received a €1m grant with which they can establish a research group dedicated to applying AI in a responsible way. 

The SPRONG grant, from Regieorgaan-SIA, an organisation that funds research and promotes collaboration between universities, businesses and public institutions, will allow the universities and partners to further develop three hybrid learning environments in the areas of retail, business services and media. 

Designers, AI developers, problem owners, end users, researchers and students will work together to develop methodology for applying ethical AI. This will help expand the number of applications for it and, where possible, scale up nationally. The outcome is a powerful research group that is regionally and nationally recognised as the centre for practise-based research in the field of Responsible Applied AI.

An announcement from Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (HVA) said: “The goal is to develop practical tools, instruments, education and training from the learning environment that can be widely used for the application of AI in the relevant sector. Each learning environment is linked to specific courses of the participating universities and practical partners who contribute to the programme,” 

Establishing Amsterdam as a hub for ethical AI

The Amsterdam Area is quickly establishing itself as the European hub for AI. Companies are increasingly choosing to expand to the Dutch capital, where they are surrounded by a dense AI ecosystem featuring universities with dedicated AI faculties, research labs connecting academia with the private sector, and the city as an effective living lab for AI solutions. These activities are underpinned by a commitment to human-centred, responsible AI that provides solutions for business, health and citizens. The coalition AI Technology for People, of which the HVA is a member, drives this goal.

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