Amsterdam moves up global ranking for foreign investment

Amsterdam has placed fourth in the fDi Intelligence Global Cities of the Future rankings for 2021-22, behind Singapore, Dubai and London. The Dutch capital climbed four places since the previous ranking in 2018-19, during what the latest report called a “particularly challenging period” for the global economy and foreign investment due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Cities were assessed in a range of categories, including economic potential, business friendliness and human capital and lifestyle. The report found that Amsterdam recorded the highest foreign investment per 100,000 people between 2015 and 2020. It also predicted that the city will benefit from a “Brexit-related exodus” of companies from London thanks to its well-established financial sector. 

The city’s strong performance was also driven by its connectivity. The Dutch capital is often described as “the gateway to Europe”, with Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and high-speed rail services making it easy to work and travel across the continent and beyond.

A magnet for international investment and talent

Amsterdam’s ecosystem of businesses, academic institutions and public-private collaborations in sectors such as life sciences and health, FinTech and smart mobility – together with a renowned quality of life – make the city a magnet for talent, startups. The city is also home to the international and European headquarters of some of the world’s biggest brands, including Netflix, Uber and Tesla.

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