New fund dedicated to fighting dementia

Leading European life sciences investor LSP is launching a new dementia fund dedicated to fighting neurodegenerative diseases.

The Amsterdam-based investment firm’s new fund aims to address the huge healthcare challenge posed by dementia worldwide. Described as the first of its kind in the world, it will focus on research and development of drugs and MedTech to treat neurodegenerative diseases.

As well as being the founder and director of Alzheimer Centre Amsterdam, Dr Scheltens is a professor of cognitive neurology at Amsterdam UMC and one of the foremost experts in his field. He will build on and continue his work at Alzheimer Centre Amsterdam as head of the Dementia Fund team.

Breakthrough ideas in the dementia field

Dr René Kuijten, managing partner of LSP and founder of the LSP Dementia Fund, said: “In the past two decades, venture capital has proven to play an essential role in advancing biotech companies, but dementia opportunities remained largely unfunded.

“Together with Philip and his network, we now have a truly unique expertise in-house to identify and develop breakthrough ideas in the dementia field, ultimately leading to solutions for patients suffering from this terrible disease.”

As an impact investment initiative, the fund is expected to generate a measurable financial return for investors, LSP said. It launched with €50m raised from strategic parties, financial institutions, and family offices, and is estimated to ultimately reach €150m.

Amsterdam’s thriving life sciences and health ecosystem

Speaking to I amsterdam last year, Dr Scheltens praised Amsterdam as a thriving life sciences and health hub. The Alzheimer Centre Amsterdam is one part of a dense and innovative ecosystem for life science & health businesses and institutes in the Dutch capital.

Internationally renowned universities, academic hospitals and research institutions, including the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience – the largest neuroscience campus in the Netherlands with more than 1,000 neuroscience researchers – connect here, creating a unique community few other cities can offer.

The arrival of the European Medicines Agency to the Amsterdam Area in 2019 helped cement the region’s reputation as a world-leading life sciences and health hub and continues to fuel an influx of companies to the region. Just this month, leading American healthcare analytics firm Panalgo announced it was opening a new office in the city.

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