AI for a more diverse and inclusive media

An AI, Media & Democracy Lab has launched to examine the role of AI and digital technology in news production and democratic processes, and to design responsible applications for AI in media.

Researchers from the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) and the Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI – the national research institute for mathematics and computer science), will work with media groups and the City of Amsterdam to tackle specific issues in the creation and distribution of news, such as audience profiling and fully automated news production.

The lab will work to develop more people-focused systems and methods of measurement for news recommendation to bring about a “more diverse, inclusive public space and an informed society”, a press statement said.

An advertising dashboard will also aim to increase transparency in how political parties target readers and viewers in the run up to elections.

Natali Helberger, UvA professor of Law and Digital Technology and one of the founders of the lab, said: “The combination of practice, theory and groundbreaking research enables us to stimulate AI-driven innovation, build knowledge and create opportunities in a sector that is uniquely connected to the functioning of our democracy. As a media city, Amsterdam is the perfect base for our lab.”

Amsterdam as a responsible AI living lab

Considered one of the most AI-ready cities in the world, Amsterdam is proving to be an effective living lab for AI solutions. With a reputation for innovation and entrepreneurship, the city’s network of academic, private and public organisations ensure projects adopt a human-centred approach.

One of the biggest collaborative public-private initiatives is the AI Technology for People programme. This initiative is designed to help the city develop and deploy responsible tech in the field of AI, and focuses on serving people working in health, business innovation and citizen support. 

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