Helping women succeed in tech

Ironhack, an academy that prepares students for IT careers, has partnered with Lithuanian fashion website Vinted to award €600,000 in scholarships to support women in tech. In Amsterdam, 70 scholarships worth €154,000 will be available for full or part-time study at the local campus.

In a press release, Manouk Meilof, the general manager of Ironhack Amsterdam, said: "Technology and IT play an increasing role in every conceivable sector and form a large part of our society. Yet, women are significantly underrepresented in the Dutch tech sector…We are therefore very happy that we can offer these scholarships and take a step in the right direction together.”

Scholarship recipients in Amsterdam can attend an Ironhack course on a full or part-time basis and can study data analytics, UX/UI design and web development. Applicants must complete a form, participate in an interview and take a technical test. 

Learning in-demand tech skills in Amsterdam

In addition to Ironhack, Amsterdam is home to more than two dozen academies focused on teaching tech-centric skills, including coding, growth hacking and entrepreneurship. There is also a community of accelerators and incubators that help startups take things to the next level.

However, the Netherlands, like many countries, faces a serious imbalance when it comes to the number of women working in tech. Various organisations across Amsterdam are working on this challenge though, and there are events and programmes for women in the industry taking place throughout the year. 

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