The latest on business news related to the coronavirus

Previously, we published a comprehensive overview of the available resources – both financial and otherwise – that the Dutch government and the City of Amsterdam is offering to support businesses during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis. This articles remains highly relevant, particularly when it comes to advice on how to support your team during these uncertain times.

However, to stay firmly up to date on all business-related developments around the crisis, businesses are well-advised to regularly check ‘The coronavirus and your company: Dutch government measures to help businesses’. This English-language article is continually updated by the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment (SZW).

What company support is available?

While the Dutch-language version has more details and presents the information on a sector-by-sector basis, the webpage covers all essential information related to the current lockdown running until 19 January 2021 and the financial measures that are in place to help businesses and entrepreneurs through these challenging times – along with relevant credits, guarantees and tax options.

The article also outlines any business-related rules, protocols, and general health measures. Links are also in place for those seeking additional information and advice, such as:

  • What the current lockdown entails
  • Corona-proofing your office
  • Rules around employees travelling abroad
  • Financial support measures
  • Retraining possibilities

What can you do for your employees?

In these times, it’s especially important to remember that employers are responsible for the health and safety of your employees – even when they are working from home.

Things can change fast, so if you don’t speak Dutch, consider assigning a Dutch-speaking employee to the task of following the latest developments. For official guidance and news in English, see the RIVM website (for issues around pandemic itself) the City of Amsterdam’s website (for more locally-based information) and the IND website (for issues around immigration).

To help employees, companies can share this IN Amsterdam article which offers a wealth of resources for employees whose work, life and long-term plans might be affected by the coronavirus crisis.

Visit: ‘The coronavirus and your company: Dutch government measures to help businesses’.

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