New AI centre will drive innovation and collaboration

The University of Amsterdam (UvA) is launching a new Data Science Centre to help drive innovation and collaboration. Due to open in early 2021, the centre is aiming to enhance the university’s research across all of its faculties by developing, sharing and applying data science methods and technologies. The centre will see data scientists and engineers embedded in all of the university’s departments. It will be led by Paul Groth, professor of Algorithmic Data Science at the UvA’s Informatics Institute.   

As a coordinating hub, it will help facilitate the exchange of knowledge and help to train staff and students in digital and data-driven research skills. The university says it is aiming to have 35 data scientists working across every faculty by 2025. The centre will also fund and develop an innovation programme focused on joint projects between domain researchers and data science researchers. This will include several funded PhD positions.

Tapping into Amsterdam’s thriving AI ecosystem

The Data Science Centre will support and work with the city’s thriving AI and data science ecosystem, working closely with Amsterdam Data Science. Cees de Laat, professor of system and network engineering at UvA, said: “I am truly excited to see the Data Science Centre launch at the UvA, bringing a unique combination of data engineering and analytics to every faculty. The interdisciplinary innovation PhD programme will keep the methods that we use and teach to process scientific data at the forefront of technology for years to come. This is exactly what is needed to prepare our students for the challenges they will face in the next five years after graduating and entering industry or research.”

Amsterdam is already renowned for its expertise in the sector, but plans are in place for the city to become a true world-leader in AI in the coming years. As well as leading collaborations between its universities, research institutes and the private sector, the Dutch capital is also home to many academic labs, such as the Qualcomm-QUVA Lab, UvA-Bosch DELTA Lab and AMLAB. The city is also home to leading AI firms such as Pacmed, Qualcomm and Bit Students.

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