The Netherlands ranks highly in special WEF report

The Netherlands has been named as one of the world’s best-equipped countries to recover from the coronavirus pandemic. A special edition of WEF’s Global Competitiveness Report says that “no country is fully prepared” to deal with the economic effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. However, the countries that will fare better will be those with advanced digital economies, strong social safety nets and robust healthcare systems. In these regards the Netherlands maintains one of the world’s most competitive economies, the report says.

For this special edition, WEF considered how countries have handled the COVID-19 pandemic – based on data gathered from 37 countries mapped against 11 priorities relating to “productivity”, “people” and “planet”. According to the report, the Netherlands, along with Denmark, Estonia and Finland, are particularly well equipped to make the required transformations as long as they continue to invest heavily in digitalisation, public services and green investments.

The Netherlands ranked in fourth in the report and was praised in a number of different factors, including flexible working arrangements, digital skills, access to healthcare, collaborations in healthcare and its sustainable energy schemes.

Time for change – with a focus on people and planet

“The combined health and economic shocks of 2020 have impacted the livelihoods of millions of households, disrupted business activities, and exposed the fault lines in today’s social protection and healthcare systems,” said Klaus Schwab, founder and executive chairman of WEF.

“The crisis has also further accelerated the effects of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on trade, skills, digitisation, competition and employment, and highlighted the disconnect between our economic systems and societal resilience. In this moment, it is crucial to not only reflect on how best to return to growth, but also, how to build back better economies that improve outcomes for people and the planet.”

Amsterdam’s robust business ecosystem

More than 3,600 international companies have invested in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and chosen to become part of our long history as a successful business hub and a leading centre of trade. Amsterdam also is the place to be for startups and has always been a natural testbed for innovations. Throughout the city, fresh and disruptive ideas are encouraged, nurtured and then scaled into real international businesses. Nurturing this growth, the city is home to an impressive ecosystem of accelerators, incubators and high-ranking knowledge institutions.

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