The Netherlands a global leader in digitisation

The Netherlands has been named a global leader in digitisation by the European Commission (EC). The country was ranked in fourth place in the EC’s annual Digital Economy and Society Index, which ranks EU member states in terms of their digital competitiveness. Countries are ranked across several factors, including connectivity, human capital and integration of technology.

The Netherlands was ranked highly across a number of benchmarks, including digitisation of businesses, digital skills and integration of digital technology, which can all help businesses to gain competitive advantages, improve their services and products and expand their markets more easily.

The country was also praised in the report for the progress made over the last five years, having achieved the second-biggest increase in its score over that period. The report states that it has the EU’s fourth most advanced digital economy and praised the Dutch digital network for functioning so robustly during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

Digital connectivity and talent in the Amsterdam Area

According to the report, the Netherlands is a European frontrunner in connectivity, with nearly all households having access to broadband internet. It also ranks among the best-performing countries in terms of the percentage of inhabitants who have above average digital skills.

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area is home to one of the largest data transport hubs in the world, the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). The region has the highest rankings of broadband penetration in Europe and more than 2,216 tech companies that employ 77,000 people in total, making up 14% of the local workforce. The city region’s talent pool offers access to over 215,000 professional tech developers.

Why the Amsterdam Area is leading the way in AI

The report shows that the Netherlands is also a leader in big data. It was ranked second in the study for the number of businesses using big data, behind Malta. Amsterdam is working hard to become a true world-leader in AI in the coming years and is introducing schemes and initiatives that will use that expertise to improve quality of life and boost the city’s already thriving sectors, such as life sciences and health and FinTech.

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