Raising funding to support promising startups

On 16 December 2019, Startupbootcamp listed its accelerator, FinTech & CyberSecurity (SBC Fintech Amsterdam 1921 BV), on Nxchange, a stock exchange featured on the Rabo & Crowd platform. €2.3 million was raised from private investors and companies and nine startups have been chosen to participate in the programme. 

Major players in the finance sector are supporting the new accelerator, including Rabobank, Banca Sella and BNP Paribas. By working with funding platform Rabo & Crowd, a wider group of investors were able to provide backing and the accelerator is the first to be co-financed by private individuals. 

Helping new companies with a powerful accelerator

After spending several months touring global financial capitals, Startupbootcamp chose nine startups to join the accelerator. Each one will receive €15,000; Startupbootcamp plans to sell its interest in the companies within seven years. The programme officially began on 13 January and finishes in April. 

These are the startups selected for the Startupbootcamp FinTech & CyberSecurity 2020 programme:

Dakko Loans is based in Singapore and helps people secure financial support for healthcare.

Doni is a Dutch startup and FinTech platform that enables people to achieve their goals through socially driven financial instruments.

Loyalize, a technology platform from the UK that works with retailers and allows them to let customers add their payment cards to an existing loyalty programme. 

Risk Priorities is a US company that provides solutions for managing regulatory risks, reporting, data governance and relationships.  

Tytonical is located in the UK and focuses on omnichannel personalisation and payments while providing consumers with control over their data. 

Uniqul, which is from the Netherlands, enables retail payments through facial recognition technology, replacing debit cards, wallets and phones with a seamless experience. 

Volo is based in Croatia and Estonia and helps users enjoy better and faster cost management. 

Wajenzi Fund is a Dutch company billing itself as the first investment platform for immigrants, allowing them to make a difference in their countries of origin. 

White Swan, which has offices in the US and Sweden, offers a permanent life insurance policy to protect future savings and income. 

After completing the programme in the spring of 2020, the participating startups will receive support from Startupbootcamp’s alumni growth programme, which connects more than 900 companies across the globe. 

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