Amsterdam’s startups are shaping the future

In a new survey from Sifted, which covers the latest news from across Europe’s startup ecosystem, the founders of several companies based in the Dutch capital have been recognised as pioneers for their efforts in “shaping the post-pandemic world.”

Sifted asked its readers for input when compiling the survey, and received hundreds of replies. The site sought to recognise new players in the continent’s ecosystem, with a focus on those “taking wild risks and those trying to reshape society.”

These are the Amsterdam-based founders that made the cut: 

Helping children learn online

Diane Janknegt was recognised in the EdTech category for her work as the founder of WizeNoze, a platform that provides students with access to information from reliable websites that matches their reading level. The company hopes to close the literacy gap by helping users access content aligning with their skill level, and its tech can be embedded into learning materials, school platforms and content libraries. Recently, WizeNoze received €4 million in funding to support its international expansion. 

Improving communication for healthcare professionals 

In the health category, Joost Bruggeman was included as the co-founder of Siilo. A secure medical messenger platform, Siilo helps users communicate with research teams and colleagues, allowing them to share important information concerning patient care and challenging cases. Currently, the app has more than 250,000 users and earlier in the year, it was honoured in the 2020 Global Digital Health 100 award programme.

Making it easier to work from home

As the founder and CEO of MessageBird, Robert Vis was named a ‘standout’ in the remote work category. The communications platform helps businesses connect with customers through voice messaging, SMS and APIs, a type of software interface that allows two applications to communicate. 
Just before European cities began lockdowns in response to the outbreak, MessageBird released a new platform that lets businesses speak with customers on additional platforms, including Instagram and WhatsApp, providing an alternative to email and making remote work less difficult.  

Reducing waste in the fashion industry

Retail has been hit hard by the coronavirus outbreak, leaving brands with millions in unsold merchandise. Fortunately, Otrium founders Milan Daniels and Max Klijnstra are here to help, and their efforts earned them a place in the sustainability category. By helping apparel brands sell their excess inventory, the company (which recently expanded into the UK) keeps unworn clothing from ending up in landfills.

Putting sustainable clothing in the spotlight

Iris Skrami, the co-founder of Renoon, was also included in the sustainability category for her work in fashion. By using algorithms, data and partnerships with brands and retailers, in addition to sites offering second-hand apparel and clothing rental, Renoon connects users with eco-friendly style. Currently, the company is working on plans to enter the British and American markets.

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