New sustainable scheme at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has successfully trialled a new sustainable ‘Taxibot’ scheme which can drastically reduce fuel consumption and help protect the planet. The so-called hybrid Taxibots help tow airplanes to the runway, meaning that they don’t have to taxi using their own fuel. Schiphol said this can help save between 50-85% fuel that a plane might usually use while on the ground. Trials commenced earlier this year, with aircraft from Corendon Dutch Airlines, KLM, Transavia and easyJet being towed by the Taxibot.

As well as Schiphol and the airlines involved, the project is also being supported by Air Traffic Control the Netherlands (LVNL), air service provider Dnata and the Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Waterstaat (Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management). The Taxibot was developed by Smart Airport Systems in Israel. Only 10 of the hybrid vehicles, which consume much less fuel when taxiing than aircraft engines would, are in use globally.

Schiphol’s dedication to sustainability

Schiphol, which was recently voted the World's 9th Best Airport, has been steadily increasing its green credentials in the last few years. As well as the new scheme, it relies entirely on Dutch wind turbines for energy, preventing up to 114,400 tonnes of emissions from being released annually. Planes on the tarmac are connected to electric ground power units and passengers move around on solar-powered escalators. Last year, the airport was recognised by the Airports Council International for reducing, managing and compensating its CO2 emissions.

A gateway to Europe and beyond

Often called the ‘gateway to Europe’, the Amsterdam Area offers full access to the continent: Schiphol Airport is centrally located and the Port of Amsterdam is ranked as one of Europe’s best ports. The region is also a thriving tech centre and home to one of the largest data transport hubs in the world: the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX). It also has the highest rankings of broadband penetration in Europe.

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