Encouraging clothing brands to become circular

The Renewal Workshop, which operates a centre in Amsterdam where it recycles textiles and repairs clothing for resale, has released a new report, Leading Circular. Based on the expertise gained from four years spent working with partners in the textile and apparel industries, the report examines the ways companies are embracing circular business models.
Additionally, the report includes breaking research focused on giving textile waste a new life and features the following insights:

• 26% of textile products can be recycled in some manner, emphasising the need for brands to invest in circular design and resale methods
• 82% of textile waste can be cleaned, repaired and resold, leading to new sales opportunities
• 84% of consumers believe the apparel industry has a considerable impact on climate change

From its locations in the United States and the Netherlands, the Renewal Workshop helps clients adopt circular solutions that can allow them to expand and access new revenue streams. The company also sells renewed clothing, accessories and home goods from its website and studies new methods of textile recycling.

Renewal Worshop laundry

An employee at the Renewal Workshop launders clothes before they are repaired and resold 

Amsterdam is a hub for sustainable fashion innovation, education and more

The Dutch capital is home to a diverse and growing sustainable style scene. The digital fashion sector, which includes players like The Fabricant and Lalaland, has been making waves by offering virtual clothing that prevents the need for wasteful samples and returns. Many brands, including Tommy Hilfiger, are embracing this technology as they pursue sustainability goals.

Fashion education in the city also has an eco-centric focus. Students at the Amsterdam Fashion Institute follow a curriculum that emphasises sustainability while Fashion for Good runs an accelerator programme for entrepreneurs focused on making the sector greener. 

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