Port of Amsterdam wins international award

The International Association for Ports and Harbours (IAPH) has awarded several Dutch seaports – including the Port of Amsterdam – with the World Ports Sustainability Award. As well as the Port of Amsterdam, the Dutch ports that received the joint award include those of Groningen, Moerdijk, Rotterdam and Terneuzen/Vlissingen). They received the accolade in the Governance and Ethics category for a project focused on the application of OECD guidelines for seaports.

Working together, the ports have been developing ways to make cargo flows more sustainable by examining their roles in the supply chain. The have also been working to see how they can reduce international CSR risks, such as environmental damage or human rights violations, for cargo flows processed in or transiting through the ports.

Making Amsterdam’s logistics sector more sustainable

In a press release, the Port of Amsterdam CEO Koen Overtoom described the award as a “significant honour.” He added: “The project has strengthened the cooperation between the seaports in the area of sustainability. This cooperation will strengthen us permanently in our shared ambitions to achieve progress in making a number of international supply chains more sustainable.”

Supply chains are not the only area where the port focuses on sustainability – it plays a role in almost every aspect of operations. The port has many initiatives and projects designed to lessen its environmental footprint and in 2019 dramatically increased the number of solar panels in the Western Docklands area to cover more than 91,000 square metres. Earlier this year, it announced that it will build Amsterdam’s first hydrogen refuelling station, and will also soon start working on Energiehaven, a base for a fleet of offshore wind farms.

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