New creative hub Sapiens to open in Amsterdam Zuidas

A new creative hub in Amsterdam is aiming to inspire young professionals and academics to develop projects to protect the planet. The new initiative – called Sapiens - will be a unique space and home to a museum, workshop and academic centre. A collaboration between Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Naturalis Biodiversity Center, architecture firm MVRDV and real estate developer EDGE, it will host lectures, debates and exhibitions focused on sustainability and sociology. It is due to open in the Zuidas business district in 2021.

Sapiens: Lab, museum, think tank, workspace

Sapiens will aim to accelerate solutions in a range of fields, including climate, biodiversity, poverty reduction, mobility, governance, food, clean drinking water and clean oceans. Its focus is on bringing together younger generations to develop their ideas and projects that contribute to a better living environment. The projects will then be helped to develop further by established organisations and through research conducted with citizens and societal groups in Amsterdam and around the world. 

Sapiens is part of the Amsterdam Zuidas’s Valley building. Valley was designed by Winy Maas, a founding partner of MVRDV, and is being developed by EDGE. The founders say it is the world's first hub of its kind to focus on society and the environment.

Why collaboration is key to Amsterdam’s success in business

More than 3,600 international companies have invested in the Amsterdam Area, helping It to become a leading business hub and centre of trade. Collaborative projects are also key to this success, and business leaders often praise the openness of its business ecosystem. Fresh and disruptive ideas are encouraged, nurtured and then scaled into international businesses that coexist alongside a buzzing startup scene. The city is home to an impressive ecosystem of accelerators, incubators and high-ranking knowledge institutions. This is all helping different industries thrive, with Amsterdam's FinTech, AI and life sciences and health sector just some of the industries that are gaining increased recognition worldwide.

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