A leading destination for tech

The Netherlands has been named as the world’s best market for tech companies. International business growth and development specialist company Velocity Global ranked the Netherlands number one in its Global Expansion Tech Index. The index is part of its new ‘The State of Global Expansion: Tech Industry’ report.

The study examines the top markets for tech companies and considers metrics like regulation, knowledge and growth, while the index lists the best locations for international expansion. Countries were scored according to a range of factors, including their regulatory landscape, availability of skills and quality of infrastructure and connectivity. The US and Hong Kong followed the Netherlands, and Europe was named the most desirable global destination. 

One of Europe’s hottest tech hubs

Though the study focused on the Netherlands as a whole, Amsterdam has been recognised as a tech and startup hub in multiple rankings. For example, CoFounder magazine named it Europe’s most qualified city to attract startups leaving London due to Brexit. KPMG ranked Amsterdam fourth in a list of European cities most likely to serve as a tech innovation hub in the next four years, while Swedish company Easypark deemed it the world’s third-smartest city.

Amstel canal Edwin van Eis

The Dutch capital has more than 1,650 tech companies that employ around 70,000 people, accounting for 13% of its workforce. The city is also growing rapidly, adding around 11,000 new people each year. However, this puts pressure on the local housing market, though the city government aims to build 70,000 new homes by 2040. Nearby towns and municipalities, including Almere and Haarlemmermeer, are currently proving popular with new residents as well, and are located close enough for an easy commute.

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