The Netherlands retains its place as a leader in global connectedness

Once again, the Netherlands has taken first place in the DHL Global Connectedness Index 2020. Now in its seventh edition, the index has always ranked the country as the most globally connected nation in the world. Amsterdam was followed by Singapore, Belgium, the United Arab Emirates and Ireland. 

For the index, the connectedness of countries is analysed according to depth – which examines how much trade, information, capital and people flows are international. It also focuses on breadth, which looks at whether a country’s international flows are spread across the world, or narrower in focus. 

Taking first place with a score of 91 out of 100 in the ranking, the Netherlands was praised for both its breadth and depth. In fact, the Dutch nation has been the top-ranked country since 2005, and it has ranked first in every edition of the index since its inception. The report states: “The country’s unique combination of geography, regional integration with its neighbours, and culture of openness has made it a stable presence at the top of the index.”

Digitalisation rises due to the coronavirus

DHL believes the next edition of the index will see a considerable fall in connectedness due to the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, which has limited travel and closed borders. However, the company remains optimistic and says capital and trade flows are improving. 

Additionally, the flow of international data surged during the crisis, as in-person contact was replaced by online meetings. As a result, internet traffic, e-commerce and phone calls increased. According to DHL, the outbreak has also demonstrated the importance of international cooperation, and the company believes greater connectedness is vital to economic recovery.

Amsterdam is a globally connected city

As the capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is an incredibly connected city. Major urban centres like Paris, London and Brussels can be reached by train, or a short flight from Schiphol Airport, which offers non-stop access to more than 170 locations.

The Dutch capital is also digitally well-connected. The Amsterdam Area has one of the world’s highest levels of broadband penetration and the city is home to AMS-IX, one of the largest data transport hubs on the planet. 

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