The Netherlands is a global leader in renewable energy

The Netherlands has been ranked as one of the best countries for investments in renewable energy. It was placed in ninth position in the latest edition of Ernst & Young’s Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index. The US, China and France claimed the first three positions in the index, which ranks the world’s top 40 countries based on the attractiveness of their renewable energy investment opportunities. It has been released annually since 2003. 

The 2020 edition made some predictions for the renewable energy industry, including that the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak will have only a short to mid-term impact, and that over the long term, drivers for investment in renewable energy will remain strong and the sector will stay safe for investors.

Using the power of wind and solar to make the city green

The Netherlands scored well in several areas of the ranking, including onshore and offshore wind power, as well as solar energy, both of which are part of a new sustainable energy plan the City of Amsterdam announced earlier in the year. 

Through the scheme, the city aims to generate the sustainable energy needed to power 80% of local homes by 2030. The Port of Amsterdam is also building a new offshore wind power hub, and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam was recently named one of the world’s best universities at fighting climate change.

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