Turning wine waste into high-end footwear

Shoe brand Mercer Amsterdam is partnering with Vegea – an Italian company that transforms winemaking waste into vegan leather – on a new line of trainers that will be released this December.

Dubbed the ‘W3RD Wine Pack,’ the shoe will be part of Mercer Amsterdam’s spring/summer 2021 collection and will retail for approximately €250. The faux leather is made from biproducts of the wine industry, including marc (also known as pomace), the substance rich in skins and pips that remains after grapes are juiced. The trainers will also feature mesh made from recycled plastic bottles and an algae-based sole, making them completely sustainable.

Mercer Amsterdam wine shoes

A pair of trainers from Mercer Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a sustainable fashion hub

The Dutch capital is a bustling hub for sustainable style. Fashion for Good operates a museum in the city centre dedicated to eco-friendly apparel, and it also offers incubator and accelerator programmes to help startups gain a foothold in the industry. The Amsterdam Fashion Institute has made sustainability a major part of its curriculum, and organisations like the M-ODE Foundation help prominent clients become more eco-friendly. 

Amsterdam’s digital fashion sector is also enjoying steady growth. The Fabricant, which produces apparel that only exists on-screen, is working with brands like Tommy Hilfiger to help them digitise the design process and cut waste. Startup Lalaland is also helping the fashion industry go green by offering virtual models that provide customers with an accurate idea of how clothing will fit and look, which can help reduce returns that lead to more clothing in landfills. 

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