A building that saves energy, cuts waste and keeps people healthy

ING Cedar, the bank’s corporate head office located in the Cumulus Park innovation district, has been giving an ‘outstanding’ rating by BREEAM-NL. The building received high scores in nine categories: management, energy, water, health, transportation, waste, materials, pollution and use of land and ecology.

BREAAM-NL gave the structure, which opened in January, perfect marks in the areas of energy, transportation and waste, and its total score was 93.7%. In the future, the building will become completely energy-neutral through a partnership with Vattenfall, which will construct a solar panel park that adds an additional 3,600 panels to the 2,150 currently on its roof.

Insulated window frames and trip glazing also help ING Cedar conserve energy, and single-use plastics are banned from on-site cafes and restaurants. ING plans to keep improving the sustainability of its branch offices and aims to earn ‘Very Good’ BREEAM-NL ratings for more branches by the end of the year.

Sustainable architecture is found throughout Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to many buildings that protect the environment while encouraging employee wellbeing. ING Cedar park features calming acoustics, abundant plants and a unique layout that encourages employees to the take the stairs. Park 20|20, a business park located near Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, has many similar features, as well as an organic eatery that serves vegetables grown on-site.

In Hoofddorp, the TNT Centre keeps C02 levels in check with an advanced monitoring system and its design maximises exposure to natural light. A prominent wooden staircase invites people to walk from floor to floor and felt coverings on the walls minimise noise.

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