Helping to lower emissions with hydrogen fuel

The Dutch capital’s first hydrogen refuelling station is set to launch at the Port of Amsterdam. The station will be open 24/7, welcoming motorists and truck drivers to refuel. Construction of the station, which will be built by Holthausen Energy Points (HEP) and located on Australiëhavenweg, will begin this spring.

A €500,000 grant from the City of Amsterdam is helping to finance the new station. The City will also be its first customer, using the facility to refill hydrogen fuel cell engines in some of its vehicles. In a press release, Marieke van Doorninck, City of Amsterdam alderperson for air quality and sustainability, said: “Hydrogen-powered vehicles do not emit air pollutants such as nitrogen and particulate matter and contribute to clean air…[and] hydrogen produced with green power is also climate neutral...We want the municipal fleet to be emission-free by 2030. Hydrogen is the perfect solution for our heavy-duty vehicles.”

HEP also received a grant to help it build the station through the DKTI-Transport scheme, which encourages companies to pursue innovation focused on climate technologies and transport. The scheme also supports the creation of green transport solutions, including electric vehicles, biofuel-powered aircraft and low-emission shipping solutions. 

Bringing sustainability to logistics and transport

The Port of Amsterdam believes hydrogen will play a key role in helping cities and countries achieve climate targets in the years ahead. It says easy access to hydrogen will also allow companies operating in the port to make their logistics and transport systems more sustainable and use hydrogen when producing various fuels and chemicals. 

Additionally, the port has teamed up with chemical company Nouryon and Tata Steel for the H2ermes project, which will allow for the large-scale production of green hydrogen using wind power from the North Sea. 


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