Going back to black – sustainably 

Dutch fashion label G-Star RAW has launched Relz Black Denim, the most sustainable material of its kind. Created alongside chemical company Archroma and clothing manufacturer Artistic Milliners, the fabric is made from organic cotton and dyed with non-toxic substances. The liquid dye used to give the denim its intense hue can also be removed from wastewater, allowing it to be reused. 

By eliminating several steps from the traditional fabric-manufacturing process, producing Relz uses 52% less water and 65% less energy than would normally be needed. Manufacturing it also produces less CO2 emissions than traditional fabrics. The sustainable denim features in several garments which form part of G-Star’s new winter collection.

G-Star, along with its partners, has received the Gold Status certification from the non-profit Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute for creating the new fabric. The black denim is also the first textile of its kind to earn the honour, which is awarded to goods that are circular, safe and responsibly produced.

G Star Raw black denim

Amsterdam is a centre for eco-friendly fashion

In addition to G-Star, Amsterdam is home to many labels, businesses and organisations focused on sustainable style. Tommy Hilfiger, which has its European headquarters in the city, recently announced the launch of Tommy for Life, a new circularity programme that will see its old garments repaired, recycled and turned into new clothing. The company also teamed up with digital fashion pioneer The Fabricant to replace its samples with virtual creations.

In October, the City of Amsterdam joined forces with several organisations to sign the ‘Denim Deal’, an agreement centred on the sustainable production of denim. The Dutch capital is also the birthplace of ground-breaking new developments thanks to Fashion for Good, which operates a museum dedicated to sustainable style and an Innovation Platform that helps young startups.

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