Recognising the most transparent fashion labels

Patagonia, which has its European headquarters in Amsterdam, has been named as one of the world’s most transparent fashion brands. The apparel firm took sixth place in the 2020 edition of Fashion Revolution’s Fashion Transparency Index, which ranks brands according to how much they share about their environmental and social practices, policies, and impacts. 

The index examines the actions of the world’s 250 biggest fashion companies, looking at their human rights record, commitment to transparency, different initiatives, and the suppliers they partner with. H&M, C&A and Adidas/Reebok claimed the first three spots in this year’s ranking. 

Amsterdam is a hub for sustainable fashion

Patagonia, which has a long track record of supporting environmental issues and describes its primary mission as saving the planet, chose Amsterdam for its European HQ in part due to the many organisations and individuals in the city focused on sustainability. 

The city is home to Fashion for Good, a museum dedicated to sustainability in the fashion industry that also runs programmes to help young companies develop. Amsterdam Fashion Institute is also training the next generation of designers and industry professionals to put sustainability first, while the local denim scene includes labels like Kuyichi, which uses only organic cotton.

Amsterdam is also home to Ronald van der Kemp, whose eponymous couture label makes everything from recycled materials and has dressed Michelle Obama, Lady Gaga and Celine Dion.

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