Making one of the apparel industry’s favourite fibres more sustainable 

Amsterdam’s Fashion for Good – which runs an innovation platform and museum focused on eco-friendly style – has launched a new scheme which aims to make the fashion industry more sustainable.

The Viscose Traceability Project will use blockchain technology from TextileGenesisTM to trace the path of viscose across eight countries for nine months. By doing this, it hopes to develop an efficient traceability solution for fashion firms that is scalable on a sector-wide, commercial level.

Created through a partnership with Danish label BESTSELLER and luxury goods company Kering, the project will include eight garment styles containing viscose from three sustainable producers. Using blockchain, it will trace the origins of the viscose throughout the entire supply chain, consisting of spinners, weavers, knitters, dye-houses and garment makers.  BESTSELLER, Kering and Zalando are also providing the financial backing for the project. 

According to Fashion for Good, roughly six million tonnes of viscose is used in garment manufacturing each year. Demand for the textile is predicted to increase and approximately 30% of it comes from endangered forests, making it vital to prioritise sustainability. The new platform wants to help firms eliminate ancient and endangered forest fibre from viscose production and bolster the adoption of forest certification standards.

Why Amsterdam is a hotbed of eco-friendly fashion

Over the last several years, Amsterdam has become a leading centre for sustainable style at almost every level, including education, design and innovation. Tommy Hilfiger, which has its European headquarters in the city, teamed up with digital fashion pioneer The Fabricant to replace its traditional samples with virtual versions to reduce waste.

The company also debuted Tommy for Life earlier in the year. Through this initiative, the brand’s old clothing will be repaired, recycled and turned into new pieces by The Renewal Workshop, another Amsterdam-based company and a leader in fashion circularity. 

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