Tapping into the “emotional economy”

Founded in Paris in 1998, Digimind taps into the “emotional economy” by providing actionable business insights through AI-powered social media monitoring. The company is considered a global leader in its field. 

Through this insights-driven approach, brands and agencies can be more effective in planning, executing and analysing their digital marketing strategy.

Amsterdam as a springboard to Northern Europe

The newly announced Amsterdam office will serve as a springboard to accelerate the company’s growth in Northern Europe, including the Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden, in addition to the UK.

Applying competitive intelligence to drive business

Stephen Dale, previously the vice president of sales for Digimind APAC, has been appointed to lead the Amsterdam team as the vice president of sales for Northern Europe. Dale has more than 12 years of experience in helping businesses harness insights from online data, particularly social media, to inspire marketing strategies and aid strategic decision making.

Amsterdam is a centre for artificial intelligence

Part of the reason Digimind chose Amsterdam is likely due to the strong AI ecosystem already in place. The company has been at the forefront of applying a hybrid AI approach in gathering business intelligence that combines machine learning, natural language processing and image recognition.

Digimind is also renowned for its collaborative research projects with businesses and academic institutions, making it a perfect match for Amsterdam’s strong tradition of public-private partnerships.  

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