Women face a challenging business climate

A new survey focused on women founders and freelancers is shining a light on the impact the coronavirus (COVID-19) is having on Amsterdam’s startup ecosystem and its members.

The crisis has led to a reduction in revenue for 77% of respondents, according to the survey, though 4% say they have not experienced any impact so far. Over half of participants also mentioned that they have seen a decrease in demand for their products and services, while 14% have seen demand rise and 12% have not experienced a change yet.

Juggling personal and professional demands

Many women also reported that the coronavirus pandemic has made balancing their personal and professional lives more difficult and 40% of respondents have children living at home. They reported various challenges, including the need to homeschool while running a business, which often slows productivity and reduces the hours available for work.

Accessing help and support to keep businesses afloat

Various government schemes are in place to help entrepreneurs and workers during the outbreak, an 33% of survey participants said they will seek extensions on their tax bills. Additionally, 27% plan to apply for financial support for self-employed professionals. 

Participants also hope to receive more assistance from the government, and 49% would like advice and support to help them find new leads and contracts.

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