New project to restore Amsterdam’s iconic canals

Construction specialist Giken has won a City of Amsterdam tender to renovate the quay wall of Amsterdam’s historic canal ring. Alongside its Dutch partners, the Van Gelder Group and Gebr. De Koning, Giken is expected to use its innovative GRB System and Gyropress methodology to restore more than 200 kilometres of quay wall throughout the Dutch capital’s city centre after a pilot phase.

Erosion and scouring of the wooden piles that support canal buildings mean they need to be repaired to ensure safety, and the Japanese firm will coordinate the project from its offices in Almere in the Amsterdam Area.

A new partnership forged in the Amsterdam Area

A tender for the renovation work was launched in 2018, with the City of Amsterdam asking companies to submit ideas for new and innovative approaches for the project. Traditionally, quay wall repairs require temporary work platforms to be built and existing structures removed prior to the construction of a new wall. This process can be complex, time-consuming and costly.


Giken’s says its methods enable the installation of piles directly through the existing canal structure, eliminating the need for demolition and temporary works while minimising the project’s ecological footprint. The firm also claims its Press In technology eliminates vibrations and noise during construction.

All of this helped the ‘G-Kracht’ (G-Force) partnership of Giken, Gebr. De Koning and Van Gelder to receive the highest rating among the 16 international parties that submitted a bid to carry out the work.

Why international firms choose to do business in the Amsterdam Area

The Amsterdam Area’s spirit of commerce and excellent quality of life make it a magnet for talent, startups and international headquarters for businesses from across the globe, and more than 3,500 international companies have invested in the city region. As well as being a top destination for commerce, knowledge and innovation, as well as an ideal region in which to live, it boasts a wide network of internationally orientated service providers.

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