Making it easy to invest online

Investment app BUX has launched in France, marking the third time it has entered a new country this year. Earlier in 2020, the FinTech company debuted in Germany and Austria, and this latest move makes the firm Europe’s largest neobroker, an investment brokerage that offers its services and products only through digital channels.

Since launching in 2014, BUX has been adopted by 2.5 million users in nine countries and now offers several different apps, including BUX Zero, a commission-free investment tool, and BUX Crypto, which deals with digital currencies. The Amsterdam company plans to expand into additional European countries in 2021. 

Part of a thriving FinTech Sector

The finance and FinTech industries are thriving in the Amsterdam Area, and across the Netherlands, and account for roughly 200,000 jobs. This is in part down to the city region benefitting from a skilled, English-speaking workforce and an innovative startup scene that’s rich in creativity.

Access to high-speed internet keep tech companies connected, and the capital’s central location makes it easy to visit other financial centres, including London and Frankfurt. Reaching other hubs, like New York and Tokyo, is also simple thanks to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport.

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