Departing the European Union

As of 11pm today (31 January), the UK will have officially left the EU. After Brexit, an 11-month transition period begins, providing individuals and businesses with time to prepare. During this period, all EU rules and laws regarding the UK remain in force. However, the UK will no longer have decision-making power in the EU, though it will belong to the single market and customs union. The London mayor, Sadiq Khan, has also posted an article on LinkedIn using the hashtag #LondonisOpen in which he talks about supporting 'European Londoners'. 

Brexit and the Netherlands

The Netherlands has been preparing for Brexit with the goal of minimising any negative impact it may have. The Dutch government has created the Brexit Impact Scan (in Dutch), an overview of potential effects that may be experienced by companies. By mapping out how Brexit may affect import/export regulations, intellectual property, transport and digital services when working with the UK, it is designed to help businesses prepare effectively.

Additionally, the City of Amsterdam and IN Amsterdam are eager to ensure those who may be impacted by Brexit can access up-to-date information on developments and potential policy changes. To help people stay aware and fully understand the present situation, city officials have launched a Brexit Information Point at IN Amsterdam. Visitors will find answers to their questions about the rights of British citizens living in or moving to the Netherlands, and assistance is also provided to businesses that could be affected.

Learn more about the Brexit Information Point.