AskNicely moves to Amsterdam 

The US customer experience platform AskNicely is launching its first European office in Amsterdam. Headquartered in Portland, Oregon, the firm’s core new promoter score software allows companies to see real-time insights into their customers’ experiences to drive retention, upgrades, reviews and referrals. Last year AskNicely raised $10 million in Series A funding and launched the world’s first mobile customer experience coaching app. It also has an office in New Zealand.

Amsterdam: a renowned European tech hub

AskNicely chose Amsterdam as its European base due to the city’s exemplary workforce and renowned tech scene. “Amsterdam has become a hub for innovation,” said co-founder and CEO Aaron Ward. “We recognise the potential of the city’s incredible talent pool, its world-class infrastructure and the vibrant growth that has fueled the Amsterdam tech scene.” It plans to create around 12 new jobs in 2020.

AskNicely was founded in New Zealand in 2014 and opened its office in Portland, Oregon due to the similarities to its home country. “We understand the importance of having localised staff to support our customers,” said Ward. “But we also prioritised choosing a European home that aligns with our company culture, which is very important to us. We chose to base our US operations in Portland because of its commonalities with New Zealand: its culture, its affordable standard of living and its ethos around customer experience. We feel that Amsterdam shares much of the same DNA and will be the ideal place for AskNicely to flourish in Europe.”

Why the city’s tech scene is thriving

The news is another boon for Amsterdam’s tech scene, which as home to innovative companies and a bustling startup scene has become a leading destination for digital, creative and marketing companies. Amsterdam’s excellent quality of life, well-educated workforce and language proficiency help tech firms thrive while attracting new businesses to the wider Amsterdam Area.

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