Amsterdam one of world’s top future tech cities

Amsterdam has been named as one of the top tech cities of the future in a new study. The Dutch capital came fourth in the Tech Cities of the Future 20/21 by fDi and TNW, which ranks cities based on their prospects for startups, tech firms and innovation investments. In total 76 cities were included, with each being assessed in five categories: economic potential, innovation and attractiveness, foreign direct investment (FDI) performance, cost effectiveness and startup environment. Out of these, Amsterdam ranked highest for FDI Performance and economic potential. The city’s FDI strategy was also praised in the report, helping it to come sixth overall in the study.

‘A supportive community that fosters collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship’

The study qualifies successful tech cities as ‘the result of a coordinated government strategy aimed at developing a globally connected and supportive community that fosters collaboration, innovation and entrepreneurship’. The Netherlands, Amsterdam and StartupAmsterdam were all praised in the report, which states: "Over in the Netherlands, the Dutch government has worked hard to negotiate favourable trade deals with nations across the globe, to make cities such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam or Eindhoven attractive to operate in.

StartupAmsterdam, for example, was born out of a collaboration between the City of Amsterdam and the private sector, which came together to devise a startup and scale-up-focused initiative to help these very companies grow in a suitable environment. Today, several international tech companies including Netflix, Uber and Tesla have chosen Amsterdam as their European HQ."

Why Amsterdam’s tech and startup scenes are on the rise

Amsterdam has established itself as a serious player on the international tech scene, there are now more than 2,200 tech companies employing around 77,000 people, which is 14% of the city’s workforce. Amsterdam is a hyper-connected hub for emerging tech and innovation, and its startups are securing millions in funding and changing the future one innovation at a time. Pioneers like Adyen and  started here, and other homegrown success stories include Bynder, Hotelchamp and Framer.

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