Amsterdam is first for depth and second for quality in green finance

Amsterdam has been ranked as one of the world’s best cities for green finance. The Global Green Finance Index (GGFI) is a respected twice-yearly survey that provides evaluations of the depth and quality of the green finance offerings of 74 major financial centres around the world. Green finance is a broad term for all initiatives by private and public organisations in developing and supporting sustainable schemes through financial instruments. This includes the promotion of renewable energies and energy efficiency and the reduction of pollution.

Amsterdam retains its number one spot in the ‘depth’ ranking in the report’s sixth edition, which measures the intensity of green finance activity compared with all finance activity in the respective financial centre. In the ‘quality’ ranking, which looks at green financial products and services, Amsterdam placed second after Zurich.

Amstel Amsterdam aerial view at sunset Hanna Hachula

Charting the progress towards sustainable finance

The GGFI aims to chart the progress of the world’s financial centres towards a financial system that delivers sustainable development and values people and the planet as much as profit. It ranks global financial centres according to a worldwide survey of finance professionals’ assessments and 135 quantitative measures provided by third parties, including the World Health Organisation and the World Bank.

Western Europe, in general, continues to be ahead in its approaches to green finance and related initiatives. This is partly due to EU efforts on strategy and regulations, as well as the work of central banks in Europe to embed sustainability in their regulatory work.

Amsterdam’s forward-looking finance sector

Amsterdam has a rich history of financial innovation. The world’s first central bank was established here, as was the first joint-stock company. Today, it's the centre of the Dutch banking sector and a force in FinTech, making it one of Europe's leading financial centres.

Increasing numbers of international FinTech businesses are coming to Amsterdam, where they join a community of successful homegrown players, including AdyenOhpen and Bux. The scene is grounded in a healthy tech and startup ecosystem, which includes the largest data transport hub in the world – the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX).

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