Amsterdam’s ability to adapt and thrive in the coming age of AI

Amsterdam has been named as one of the world’s most AI-ready cities in a new ranking. The Dutch capital came second in the small cities category in the Global Cities' AI Readiness Index, which looks at cities with a population of three million or less.

Based on independent research from strategic consultants Oliver Wyman, the index measures how prepared cities are to meet the challenges related to the adoption of AI tech and the disruption it may cause. The index includes a total of 105 cities classified by population. 

Amsterdam was praised in the report for its ability to adapt and thrive in the coming age of AI and was said to be as competitive as some megacities, which have a population of more than 10 million. It says that ‘Amsterdam and Stockholm, smaller cities steeped in history yet fully embracing of the technology age, are among the global leaders. Cities can learn from these European stalwarts’ mix of strong visions and well-run governments as well as how they might benefit from the intangible and mobile nature of the AI economy’.

A global index based on research and expert insight

To produce the index, Oliver Wyman conducted extensive global research with leaders in business, government and academia, analysed publicly available social and economic data covering 104 cities, and surveyed 10,000 residents in 21 cities.

Cities were judged based on four vectors that Oliver Wyman’s research found were critical for success in meeting the increased speed and scope of technology disruption brought by AI: Vision, Priorities, and Mindset; Activation; Asset Base; and Trajectory and Development.

Investment, talent and partnerships bolster the AI sector

Thanks to investment from the City of Amsterdam, a wealth of talent and successful partnerships between multinationals, startups and researchers, Amsterdam is leading the way in artificial intelligence. 

In addition to a number of academic labs that work closely with industry, the city is also home to multiple companies specialising in AI, including Pacmed, Aiir Innovations, Braincreators and Aidence. The Amsterdam Area has also set itself an ambitious goal to extend the average lifespan of citizens by two years, and big data and AI are set to play a key part in reaching this aim.

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