Amsterdam is preparing to help distribute coronavirus vaccines

Air Cargo Netherlands, Schiphol Cargo and Air France KL Martinair Cargo have formed a task force to ensure a temperature-controlled supply chain is in place for the safe and efficient transportation of coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines. Together, they are analysing four possible scenarios to ensure they can act swiftly when an inoculation is developed. 

Other parties involved in the task force include shipping companies, pharmaceutical producers, ground handlers and trucking operations. The group will convene on 29 September for a roundtable, which will include Dutch Customs and the Dutch Ministry of Health, where they will discuss different approaches and backup plans.

In a statement to Aviation Pros, Maarten van As, managing director of Air Cargo Netherlands, said that, “We have a strong pharma and air cargo community at Schiphol, we know what we are talking about, and we will be ready for what is coming…it is not just about the Netherlands, it is about getting the vaccine distributed at speed to the world.”

Engineering logistics solutions for the pharmaceutical industry

As a global hub for the life sciences industry, Amsterdam has an excellent infrastructure for the import and export of pharmaceuticals. The logistics sector also plays a vital role in the Amsterdam Area’s business landscape, providing over 180,000 jobs in the city region. 

The Dutch capital’s central location puts more than 500 million consumers across Europe within easy reach, and there are roughly 400 logistics and transportation companies working in the local area.

Many leading pharma companies are based in Amsterdam so they can easily distribute their products via Schiphol, which has a specialised pharma zone. Gilead’s Kite Pharma recently opened a manufacturing facility in the Amsterdam Area so it can quickly deliver personalised cancer treatments to patients. Additionally, Nippon Express has begun building a new Schiphol Trade Park warehouse with the aim of doubling its pharmaceutical distribution.

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