Helping jobseekers find work

The City of Amsterdam and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol have launched a new partnership programme to help hundreds of people find work. The three-year project is focused on helping jobseekers who need assistance due to challenges surrounding their age, background or disabilities. The project is supported by the Greater Amsterdam Employers’ Service Point and the Schiphol Aviation Community.

How Schiphol is making a difference to the local community

The programme is aiming to place jobseekers in positions in a variety of industries, including catering, retail and security. In a statement to the press, Schiphol Airport’s CEO, Dick Benschop, said: “All the businesses at and around the airport make Schiphol one of the largest labour markets in the Netherlands. It’s a place for people with different levels of education and backgrounds. Anyone who can and wants to work is welcome at Schiphol.”

Schiphol is one of the best-connected and largest hub airports on the planet. Its proximity to the Port of Amsterdam makes it a highly attractive business location for companies in the commercial, media and financial sectors. Among the airport’s occupants are the word’s largest supplier of wind-industry rotor blades, LM Wind Power, and Dutch airline KLM. The airport’s continued efforts in sustainability, as well as its numerous awards, have secured its place as a true global hub.

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