Reducing traffic in Amsterdam Zuidas

This May, a new project will bring Mobility as a Service (MAAS) to Amsterdam Zuidas, the city’s business district. Created by a group of four developers – Over Morgen, Amber, Radiuz and Transdev – the Amaze app combines shared mobility options with public transport to create bespoke commuting recommendations, negating the need for private vehicles. 

The app is intended to alleviate traffic in Amsterdam Zuidas, which has been increasing in part due to the Zuidasdok engineering project, which centres on widening the A10 South ring road and placing some of it underground. Construction will also reduce capacity on the road for several years, making things like ride hailing, bicycles and car sharing increasingly important. 

Instead of facing a frustrating drive, Amaze users can plan, buy and pay for their trip quickly and easily, whether it involves sharing a car with others or cycling a few kilometres to work. It will also take various factors into account, including weather, traffic and users’ destinations, ensuring the most comfortable and flexible journey possible.

Cyclist at Zuidas Amsterdam Marc Dorleijn

Helping Amsterdammers determine the best commute

At first, the Amaze app will be trialled for two years with the aim of it learning the individual commuting habits of users so it can provide custom daily suggestions for the best ways to travel. 

The app’s launch follows another MaaS pilot project in Zuidas, which encouraged Amsterdammers to stop using their cars for two months in exchange for a monthly transportation budget of €250. Participants in the pilot did not spend their entire allowance each month, and usually opted for free options like walking and cycling. A third gave up their cars entirely at the end of the programme. 

This pilot was one of seven conducted across the Netherlands and the government hopes Amaze, or a similar offering, will be able to scale nationally. 

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