A happy meal of a deal

The Amsterdam-based Adyen has scored another major deal: this time with fast food giant McDonald’s. The hamburger merchants will start using Adyen’s payment platform in the UK in early 2020 before spreading its use internationally.

McDonald's is the world's leading global foodservice retailer with over 38,000 locations in over 100 countries. Approximately 93% of McDonald's restaurants worldwide are owned and operated by independent local businesspeople.

Growing client base

Adyen’s payments platform provides end-to-end infrastructure connecting directly to Visa, Mastercard, and other globally preferred payment methods – delivering easy payments across online, mobile, and in-store channels.

Since going public in June 2018, Adyen’s shares have increased threefold. Clients include Facebook, Uber, Spotify, Microsoft, Casper, Bonobos and L'Oréal. Last year, eBay announced it would ditch its long-time partner PayPal in favour of Adyen.

Already processing payments for other food brands such as Deliveroo, Domino’s and Dunkin’, Adyen has entered a whole new playing field by now partnering with world’s biggest restaurant chain.

Just a beginning

According to Adyen COO Kamran Zaki, the company hopes to expand their partnership with McDonalds once it’s proven they can make mobile payments easy for both customers and franchisees. “If we do that, then hopefully it would be a no-brainer for them to migrate more and more of their traffic over to Adyen,” says Zaki.

McDonald’s already lets customers order food and pay via an app. The Chicago-based fast-food company is also expanding a delivery business that will allegedly account for about $US 4 billion in sales by the end of 2020.

Built to scale

“With Adyen’s scalable platform, McDonald’s will be able to continue to provide customers a seamless experience through a variety of payment methods that align with the unique needs of our markets,” says Leandro Balbinot, SVP of Global Technology and Digital at McDonald’s.

Adyen’s single platform brings simplicity and scalability through one integration so food and beverage brands have a consistent customer experience everywhere they operate. In addition to making it easier to add new stores, markets, or regions, Adyen offers support for preferred payment methods as well a single data view and customer insights.

“As the only truly unified, tech focused, payments platform, we are thrilled to enter into this agreement with McDonald’s to support their in-app payments,” says Zaki. “Working together, the mobile payment experience will be even easier for McDonald’s customers.”