Advancing social and environmental change through recruitment

Acre, an agency focused on sustainability and safety recruitment, has opened a new office in Amsterdam. The firm is a recruitment and talent development company working in social and corporate governance, sustainability, energy, and health and safety. It has locations in New York and London and says it has launched the new Dutch branch to help advance social and environmental change through talent development and recruitment.

Promoting clean energy and sustainability

Founded in 2003, Acre introduces clients to highly qualified leaders and specialists from fields like clean energy and technology, responsible investing and sustainability. Over the years, it has worked with leading international companies, including Lego and JLL, the commercial real estate services firm. It is an active member of the UN Global Compact and fundraises to help communities and improves lives through its Acre Foundation.

Richard Wright, Acre’s CEO, said in a press release: “Acre is already well known across Benelux, and our new office will facilitate yet further growth within the region whilst we meet the rapidly increasing global demand for our services.”

A city focused on sustainability from all fronts

In Amsterdam, Acre will join a growing number of businesses and organisations focused on sustainability. The Dutch capital is also home to multiple architectural firms specialising in green housing and office space, such as Space & Matter, which designed the green office and recreation complex De Ceuvel

Amsterdam also a thriving sustainable fashion community that includes The Renewal Workshop, which cleans and repairs unsellable merchandise before selling it at a discount. Many NGOs also have a base in Amsterdam, including Greenpeace and Doctors without Borders.

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