Making the most of a 1.5 metre world

As the ‘intelligent lockdown’ caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak draws to a close and the Netherlands prepares to do business in the "1.5 metre society," the City of Amsterdam is asking entrepreneurs to share their ideas for making it a success as part of a new initiative. 

Three of the best ideas, which should offer creative solutions that are quickly scalable across a variety of companies and industries, will receive support from the city to help make them a reality. The ideas should also contribute to making the Amsterdam Area smart, green and healthy while having a positive social and economic impact. 

Pitch to the mayor of Amsterdam

All concepts submitted for the initiative will be available for public viewing online to inspire people to find safe ways to innovate and pursue entrepreneurship. The creators of the top ten ideas will be invited to pitch their entry to a panel that includes Femke Halsema, the deputy mayor of Amsterdam, and Victor Everhardt, the alderperson for economic affairs, during an online meeting. 

The deadline for submitting entries has now passed (May 2020).

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