New cutting-edge imaging centre opens in Amsterdam

Amsterdam UMC's new state-of-the-art imaging centre has officially opened in the Dutch capital. The centre is situated in Zuidas and features cutting-edge medical imaging techniques, the latest innovations in diagnosis-support, a uniquely equipped lab and the ability to manufacture medical isotopes. By combining research, clinical care and medicine manufacturing in one location, it will help improve patient care by offering more efficient diagnosis and treatment. The centre offers the largest concentration of cutting-edge medical imaging techniques in Europe.

The imaging centre features highly advanced equipment, including MRI, CT and PET scanners, optical devices and four cyclotrons (or particle accelerators). This means patients suffering from conditions such as cancer, immune system failure, neurological illness (like Alzheimer’s) or cardiovascular disease can visit just one facility for all their medical imaging needs. In turn, this will reduce waiting lists, help improve early diagnosis and treatment selection and enhance the planning and coordination of clinical treatment.

Amsterdam UMC Imaging Center

A nucleus for improving health-related activities

Speaking about the new centre’s launch, Guus van Dongen, a professor working within the Department of Radiology & Nuclear Medicine at the Amsterdam UMC, said: “The imaging centre is a nucleus for the improvement of all health-related activities in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and beyond. It will play an important role internationally in drug development and cost control. Above all, the imaging centre is a place where we can treat patients in the best and fastest way in the most pleasant environment possible."

A global hub for the health and life sciences

In combination with the arrival of the European Medicines Agency, Amsterdam is quickly becoming an international hub for the development of new drugs and treatments. This creates exciting new possibilities for the future growth of the health and life sciences in the Amsterdam Area.

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